Friday, February 13, 2009


Last weekend when Susan was home, the three Alsop girls decided to try out one of Garden City's new restaurants (6 since Christmas!)

Here are the girls thoughtfully perusing the menu, and tolerating their weird sister, taking pictures in the restaurant. I have very tolerant sisters.
Here I am, choosing carefully my breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast for dinner.

I had buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips inside. You have to ask for that specially, because the regular choc. chip pancakes are made with chocolate batter-yick!Susan had harvest grain and nut pancakes which were very tasty. Abby stuck with Chicken Strips and fries, and was happy with it as usual. We had a good time. I love my sisters.


Susan said...

Awww. those are sweet pictures. We should try out one of those Mexican food trailer places this weekend. Pictures aplenty!

malh said...

I like Susan's choice. Its one of my favorites.

The Gray Roach said...

That makes me really hungry for IHOP!

mllr said...

I am always looking for someone to go to IHOP with me. I always want breakfast. Pretty girls!