Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sew, cry, sew, cry

I finished Susan's quilt from Mom.

They picked out the pattern and the fabrics together, and she got the top all pieced. I remember her agonizing over color choices, worried that it wouldn't all look nice together. She was always worried about color.

But isn't it pretty? The colors look great. I added the borders and took it to the quilter and put the binding on. Hardest project ever.

Now Susan finally has it. Here we are in the traditional quilt shot-snuggled up on the couch.

Miss you.


Susan said...

thank you.

In the Mix said...


Melanie said...

It's beautiful. Good job getting it finished. :)

betsyann said...

You're welcome, and thanks. :)

Amanda Stehlik said...

Makes me cry, too. What a great accomplishment.

My mom was a quilter (the sewing gene was not passed on to me). Her quilts are some of my favorite many hours spent in her hands. Treasures.

She made two small quilts out of material from her wedding dress; all white and randomly pieced and intended to be baptismal blankets for her future grandchildren. I remember thinking she was crazy when she showed them to me (no grandkids yet, chopped up wedding dress, etc). Now...what can I say? They're priceless.

You should make something like that for Anna. When she's older, she'll cherish it.

jmlo said...