Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"CAREFULLY stitch baby Jesus front to baby Jesus back"

Last year Grammy Joan found me a fun nativity set sewing kit at Goodwill. I started it last December, but didn't get it done. I was excited to find it in the Christmas craft box when I brought it up last week.

It's one of those projects that I thought would take forever, but actually didn't take long at all!

It makes me happy to think about playing with it for years and years and years.


Momma M said...

I'd be tempted to put a dinosaur in the manger scene to illustrate how all creation will bow the knee to Christ. A little humor with a little theological opportunity- silly me.

Roach Momma said...

Good work!

We inherited 2 plush/sewn nativity scenes and the kids love to play with them. However today I heard myself say, "That's not nice, please don't throw baby Jesus on the floor." :)

betsyann said...

I think a dinosaur in the stable is a wonderful idea!

And yes Sara-it is the trouble-as I was making them I told Anna "Don't shove baby Jesus down into the foam, you're getting him all fuzzy."