Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A quest

Remember how a few weeks ago we went to Oklahoma?

At the very last minute (I was actually in the car, all packed, setting up the GPS) Matthew called to say the corn was too wet to cut and he could come too.

So we did a little exploring together for a change.

First we stopped in Cimarron for Ice Cream at Clark Pharmacy. Very fun and tasty.

Then we stopped in Meade for some dinner and some play time. I was not brave enough to walk on the highest of the balance beams, but Matthew was.

The park in Meade is outstanding! Two play areas, one new and neat and one old and neat. It was there that I hit upon Anna's Quest (Kansas Explorers have quests, things that they try to do in every county in KS).

We're going to play on a playground in every county in Kansas.

I'm excited.


dbilberry said...

What wonderful memories you are making for Anna and yourselves. I love it!

Momma M said...

Yes, to make a point of stopping at Clark's is something that Ken and I need to do. Playgrounds... I know who will join me on a partial quest!

Steven317 said...

That's a wild clock! It sounds like Anna has the right idea.

Melanie said...

Good luck on your quest! :) Fun stuff.

Farmers' wives are probably the only ones who hope for rain so they can have more fun!

betsyann said...

We'll have to get together with you Kansas kids when we hit your counties!