Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1st Christmas, 2009

We slept in a little and started 1st Christmas when Anna woke up around 8:30. She found the Princess Barbie and ran around the room, delighted. She laid out all of the Princess outfits to show them to me, and wanted to spend the rest of the day in Cinderella's dress (it was too cold). I think Santa did a good job this year.

She got a dino ornament in her stocking, here she is accusing me of sticking it in the stocking after Santa had come.

She and Daddy got their favorite shampoo and conditioner. Santa is so kind, getting things that I could never stomach, like fancy shampoo and princess Barbies.

Linda made us all matching shirts! It's been very fun so far.

Merry Christmas!

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