Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alsop Christmas 2009

With no snow, just bitter cold, we went into town for Alsop Christmas. I spent most of the morning sitting on the heater vent.
Anna made Susan and Abby books. Here they are reading Susan's.

Here's Matthew perched in his usual spot, pre mid-Christmas nap. Notice how he's really getting into the spirit of Alsop Christmas, enjoying his present before anyone opens another.

Susan got Anna a Taylor Swift CD. Here she is opening it. A hit?

Anna helps Poppa Ted look in his stocking. They're two good friends, especially when Poppa has treats.

Abby got an Abby cadabby ornament in her stocking. It's one of my favorites from this year-so cute.

We opened presents for hours, stopping for lunch around 2:00 because Matthew insisted. Sometimes Alsops forget to eat, but Lobmeyers never do.
We had a good day.


Melanie said...

Are you sitting on the heater vent in that picture? You look like you have a warm tooshie. Made me laugh! Also that Alsops forget to eat, but Lobmeyers never do--too funny! Myself, I'm in the 'never forget to eat' category. :)

jmlo said...

It really isn't that funny when you have a hungry Lobmeyer...