Tuesday, January 05, 2010


You know that moment, just as you are doing something, when the sensible part of you says "Bad idea"?

WHY can't I learn to listen to her?
Here you can see, in the dust marks, where I set my brand new phone down on the top of the car when I buckled Anna in.
And here you can see it slide down the back of the car, when I forgot about it, and drove to town..
and continue to slide, but not fall on the dirt road where we could find it,
until it eventually leaps gleefully from the back, to shatter on the road or be run over by a truck.
Does insurance cover that?


dbilberry said...

I so feel your pain. I got a brand new Garmin GPS unit and took it on vacation with me to see my parents. I'm pretty sure it fell out of my diaper bag at the airport somewhere. I got to use it two wonderful weeks. I miss it dearly. Drip, drip.

Steven317 said...

oh no!

Jenny said...

Oh Betsy! I'm so sorry. I can imagine how that feels. We still have one of our Razr's from when our contract ran out; if you need something to get you by, you are welcome to it.

betsyann said...

Insurance DOES cover that! Who knew? Should have a new one tomorrow. :)

jmlo said...

I am glad insurance covers it...I really appreciate your crime scene like photos...maybe you could be CSI:the farm....instead of working with decomposing bodies you could figure out what happened to items that have been lost. Like what happened to my blue leaf sock???

The Gray Roach said...

Not funny to lose your phone, but really really funny that you got those photos.

mllr said...

I like how you would never have known what happened if your car was clean...at last a purpose for dusty cars.