Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall List 2010

First let's look at my Summer List!

I feel awesome about this one. Summer 2010 List

1. Keep up with garden and trees.
2. Preserve something from garden.
3. Make something from Jelly Rolls.
4. Scrapbook Project. Thanks to a free photo book offer from Shutterfly, I made Kiki & Joe's Wedding book!! Only 3 years later. :)
5. Complete the Sew Along.
6. Make a facebook page or group or something for my students. Susan is making a page for me! Kind of cheating, but it is happening...
7. Make Christmas gifts. Also cheating a bit, I made some...
8. Go to Oregon.
9. Go to the Cabin.
10. Make Anna a First Day of School Dress.
11. Make Anna a nap mat.
12. Cabin Book
13. Anna Fans Book I got started. This is going to be an enormous project.

And now for Fall! There's so much to do, but I'm trying to also remember the importance of rest. Sometimes I hate rest. But it's important.

1. Anna Fans Book; three years. I did all 5 years, so that was good.
2. Go through baby clothes 0-6 months.
3. Find baby equipment and clean.
4. Design Anna Room. 99% done.
5. Design Craft Studio.
6. Crochet Tummy Blanket.
7. Finish Cabin Quilts. I finished Susan's, but not mine.
8. Keep up with Bible in a year and Prayer book.
9. SS Gift. Didn't make one though... :(
10. Make Mom's Bread.
11. One Senior Gift.
12. Tummy CD.
13. Re-pot plants.

Thirteen was a lucky number for the Summer List, so here's hoping for equal success this Fall. :)

And Happy Birthday to my Mama, who also liked lists. And Fall.


In the Mix said...

I'm so impressed with your summer list completeness. :) I think your Fall list looks good too. I did a list today too. I'm hoping I do a little better with Fall. I put apple picking on the list. There's an orchard near Claflin or one near Ottowa. Want to come?

Amanda Stehlik said...

I wish I could help with #5.

Trinket said...

I didn't know today was your Mom's birthday. For some reason, I feel very happy that you bought yourself (and Anna and Tummy) that lovely bag on her birthday.

betsyann said...

Yes I want to pick apples! But when... I don't know if it's ever possible.

Amanda--got ideas?

Amanda Stehlik said...

Oh yes, I have ideas. I spent hours googling "scrapbook rooms." And, I love a good organizational challenge. :) Can't wait to hear how you'll use the space.