Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer List

So here's the progress on Spring:

Spring 2010:

1. 1 Scrapbook Project. Please. (that's the magic word, right?)
2. Sarah's Birthday gift.
3. Finish Room in the basement with Matthew.
4. Plant Garden.
5. One small landscaping project.
6. Anna jammies!
7. Anna Birthday Dress.
8. Run away with Anna.
9. Make something with Jelly Rolls.
10. Make something for myself.
11. Anna hall pictures.
12. Anna 8x10's for year.
13. Anna and Grammy Rita book.
14. Video Project.

Wow, I feel great about that. Almost everything! That's the nice thing about no school. It kind of feels like cheating.

The summer list falls half in my summer and half in the beginning of the year, so I'm trying to remember that and be reasonable.

Summer 2010 List

1. Keep up with garden and trees.
2. Preserve something from garden.
3. Make something from Jelly Rolls.
4. Scrapbook Project. Thanks to a free photo book offer from Shutterfly, I made Kiki & Joe's Wedding book!! Only 3 years later. :)
5. Complete the Sew Along.
6. Make a facebook page or group or something for my students. Susan is making a page for me! Kind of cheating, but it did get done...
7. Make Christmas gifts. Also cheating a bit, I made some...
8. Go to Oregon.
9. Go to the Cabin.
10. Make Anna a First Day of School Dress.
11. Make Anna a nap mat.
12. Cabin Book
13. Anna Fans Book I got started. This is going to be an enormous project.

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Abby said...

What's a nap mat? I want one.