Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trash to...trash can

I had this nice wooden planter, then the bottom fell out, but it was still a lovely shell, so it sat on my project table for 18 months.

Then I hot-glued a nice heavy plastic sack (who can throw those away?) to the inside around the top and made Anna a new trash can!

She had re-purposed her old trash can as a wig/hat stand. (It didn't occur to me to disallow that-just thought I ought to make her a new one. Strange? probably.)


Heather Angliss said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! Wow. Does time fly. Looks like you had a wonderful party celebrating your little guy!

Heather Angliss said...

Ok, so weird that a comment I left yesterday on another friends blog wound up on this one as I was trying to comment on your amazing crafty projects. Very weird. Sorry!

betsyann said...

That's funny! I'm glad to see you anytime though Heather, inexplicable comment or no! :)