Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Plan

Sometimes I start to feel overwhelmed and out of control. Summer is so fun! There's so much to do! How will I get it all done?!

So, like any normal crazy person, I made a schedule.

Summer Schedule

6:30 am: Up, Breakfast, read and pray, dress.

7:30: Daily Chores

8:00: Computer Projects

9:00: Sewing Projects

10:00: Up to me!

12:00: Lunch, dinner prep

1:30: Leave for town

2:00: Patrick Dugan’s—work on Class.

3:40: Leave for Abby’s

4:00: Big Pool!

5:30: Sno Cones!

6:00: Laps/Water Aerobics

8:00: Home, water trees, garden, dinner

9:30: Anna Bed

10:30: Betsy Bed


In the Mix said...

I like your summer plan. I keep meaning to get organized like that and I keep frittering away my time, thus the need to organize and the ever present frittering. It's a violent cycle. You are inspiring to me, if only in my organizational fantasy world. :)

Melanie said...

Sounds fun! Impressive, too. Every summer I am determined to have a schedule; every summer I cannot sync it with farming stuff. You know. :)