Monday, June 28, 2010

Mouse blanket

I found this perfectly wonderful project a couple of months ago and since it was on my Spring List to make something for myself, I settled down to make it.

In the winter, when I'm spending too much time looking at craft blogs and shopping on Etsy, my hand gets cold.
But not with my handy mouse hand blanket!

Fun and silly and perfect.


linda jean said...

that is hilarious. I am so happy that you made that.

Melanie said...

hahaha! It took me awhile...a blanket shaped like a mouse? a quilt pattern name? Then I thought it was something to do with watermelon--the mouse looked like a watermelon seed to me! Good job checking another thing off your list. :)

Jenny said...

It does look like a watermelon! Green striped outside, pink inside, the mouse being the black "seed" - did you do that on purpose? Cute!

I just went back through your list of blog entries on my Google reader to count how many things you've made this year so far. I counted 37, but that's only counting each time you made notebooks as one item. That's 6 projects per month, although I'm sure some of them only took 15 minutes and others took 2 hours, so it probably wasn't actually an even 6 per month.

You are amazing! What a fun Mommy for a little girl. Meanwhile, I haven't even done my mending/repairs that desperately need to be done. Heath doesn't have buttons on 3 pairs of shorts now. Blegh, buttons. :-)

betsyann said...

I just picked out fabrics from my scrap pile-never thought it out as much as ya'll have, you make me look like such a thinker! :)

Wow, Jenny, thanks for the stats! I'll remember that on days I feel like I never have time to do anything fun. :)

(and know that I have a basket of things like that that I need to do too. Mending's not as much fun as creating.)