Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring List!

I noticed with about 6 days left that winter was finally slipping away, and thought I had better check on my list to see how I was doing. I'm actually thinking I prefer having zillions of things on the list, so that I feel better about checking lots of things off.

Here's the Winter tally:

1. Graduation Gift
2. Read 3 books that Dad would approve of.
3. Build a room in the basement with Matthew.(Got started!)
4. Molly G Quilt
5. 1 Scrapbook Project (this is getting desperate)(STILL NOTHING!!)
6. 3 Baby Blankies
7. Trip with MJL
8. Do the 12 week challenge at the YMCA.(They closed the pool for a month for renovations-but I'm marking it off because I still did a pretty good job.)

Also, from the Fall List: Put the binding on the Christmas Quilt! Glad to have that done. :)

Spring 2010:

1. 1 Scrapbook Project. Please. (that's the magic word, right?)
2. Sarah's Birthday gift.
3. Finish Room in the basement with Matthew.
4. Plant Garden.
5. One small landscaping project.
6. Anna jammies!
7. Anna Birthday Dress.
8. Run away with Anna.
9. Make something with Jelly Rolls.
10. Make something for myself.
11. Anna hall pictures.
12. Anna 8x10's for year.
13. Anna and Grammy Rita book.
14. Video Project.

I'm feeling good about these lists. I'm starting to catch up with things, and now I can think about what I'd LIKE to do.


Momma M said...

Perhaps a scrapbook party would get us off the ground.

Melanie said...

Maybe we need an online scrapbook accountability group or something. :)

Trinket said...

We can soon scrapbook together!! :D

betsyann said...

Oh wow. That made my eyes bug out. I didn't even think about that! Mel, wanna come to GC? We'll have a party!

In the Mix said...

I think your list looks great. I can't remember if I did a winter list. That may be a bad sign. Perhaps you've inspired me to move past my lack of winter list to embrace spring with a list all its own. :)

Melanie said...

Trying to figure out how I could get there... :)