Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Accidental Frenzy

Remember last year's January Rampage?

It must be something about being inside the house too much (or, after reading those old posts, something about Anna having a cold). One Saturday morning I accidentally started to clean up the craft room. I have no idea how it started.

Somewhere in the middle...

I even brought up the boxes of craft stuff from the basement and sorted them all out too. Anna had a little head cold, so she was happy to sit with me as I sifted through things, or to watch Jungle Book in the same room as I toted things up and down the stairs.

This picture is after hours of sorting fabric. I discovered that working for twelve hours on the floor makes my knees hurt.

All done! I definitely feel more calm and ready to make things.

This is my favorite, all of the little bits of fabric semi folded and sorted by color.
And my feet fit under my table! So exciting.


dbilberry said...

Great job! I love the title of this post. It sounds like it should be a band name or a TV show or something.

Melanie said...

Awesome! Happy creating! :)

Thanks for the b-day card, btw. :)

Susan said...

Did you take before and after pictures of Dad's kitchen? Because it is seriously impressive.

Jai Yen Yen said...

How are you not a Virgo?