Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Falling off the wagon, spectacularly

It started out innocently enough. I was finishing a project that had been sitting in my to do pile for years; making an Easter tablecloth from a cute bit of fabric I found. I put the top together, then decided I needed to put some flannel on the back. I didn't have a piece big enough, so I went to Wal-Mart to buy some. That seemed alright. I was finishing a project, I didn't have what was needed.

Then I stopped at Goodwill on the way home and found two giant pieces of flannel. How could I not buy them, after JUST purchasing some new because I didn't have any in my stash? Also there was a neat bit of fabric with Asian writing. I couldn't pass that either. Oh, and another pretty sheet.

That was just the beginning. Then I needed to buy fabric for the graduation quilt for my nephew. I made an earnest attempt to find things at home that I could use, but my fabrics are mostly pink, or with flowers. He didn't want that. So then I had to go to the fabric store again, and I always wanted one of these "Jelly Rolls" of pre-cut strips, and they had one on sale, and I had a bit of Christmas money left, so I got one.
Then I had to go back to Wal-Mart to look for a bit more fabric for the quilt and THEY had jelly rolls on super clearance. This is where things really get out of hand. I bought four. But for the same price as the one I got at the other store! Still...

Sheesh. I'd better get to work.


linda jean said...

Remind me that I have a craft donation for you. (It is still a good goal, and I'm sure you've made a dent).

Nanny Smith said...

You go girl!!!!!!!

dbilberry said...

I wonder what the Asian Print says.

Melanie said...

I'm jealous your Wal-Mart has jelly rolls--ours only has like half an aisle devoted to sewing anymore. (I've always wanted to buy a jelly roll, too. :)

for Lent, I ended up giving up buying scrapbook/crafty stuff. It's been surprisingly hard--why do I need to buy all that stuff anyway???