Monday, March 01, 2010

St. Patrick's Giveaway!

It was on St. Patrick's Day that I sat at the dining room table with my Mom and said with forced cheer: "Well, Cancer doesn't mean what it used to, does it!"

I've waited a few years, but I don't think I'm going to want to celebrate that day any more. It's fine, it's quite a small loss, as holidays go.

But that doesn't mean that I don't want others to celebrate, I think small holidays=big fun.

So... I'm giving away my box of St. Patrick's Day goodies. Hats, mugs, green food dye, a CD, and lots more.

I'll draw a name on March 7, so that I have time to get it in the mail and get it to you by the 17th.

One entry per comment, TWO entries if you also tell me how you have celebrated/will celebrate the day.

Good Luck!


Roach Momma said...

I'd love to be entered in your contest :)

I haven't really celebrated in the past besides the traditional green clothing. Now that I have kids I've been trying to find any excuse for craft/activities to keep them busy. Just this morning we made St. Patty's day pictures by gluing green shapes to black paper. I'm hoping to do a few more crafts before the "big day" :)

Good luck to all!

The Tidwells said...

Wear green (of course), pinch people who are not wearing green, listen to Irish music and watch my Celtic Woman DVD while eating assorted green foods. Might even go on a hunt for a 4 leaf clover.

Trinket said...

We celebrated three years ago hanging out together and realizing that we had the potential to be really great together. Now, St. Patrick's Day is sort of our Valentine's Day, since neither one of us care for that holiday and it is a reminder of grief and loss for me. We try to do something special to celebrate "our" day, whether it is dinner out or a nice dinner in.

Momma M said...

Green is a favorite color; yet, I never seem to remember it on the right day. So, if you draw my name, consider it another vote for Trinket. That's cool that it's their special day.

In the Mix said...

Sometime around the day we celebrate with corned beef and cabbage. Yum! It doesn't always happen on the day but always close.
I wear green and always enjoy pinching Daniel because he's a grinch and doesn't generally partake in the festivities of dressing in the hue. :)

Roach Momma said...

I think I'm going to have to concede to Trinket as well - so sweet! How fun would it be if they had all that stuff to help them celebrate their special day? :)

Jai Yen Yen said...

Well, last year I went to one of Dylan's friend's parties. I had just started dating Jim and he was supposed to join me after he returned from his ski trip. Well...AFTER he took everyone who needed a ride home AND he dressed up in a kilt, his car got broken into and then he spent the night freaking out about this reported flasher in the neighborhood who he was convinced smashed his window in when he was helping one of the girls take her snowboard up to her apartment b/c she had just told him about the many incidents when she had been flashed by this guy. Then, hours later, Jim remembered that he had left a wad of cash on his seat. Fun times.