Friday, January 09, 2009

January Rampage, III

I finally got all of the Christmas stuff put away. As I was carrying box after box into the basement, I thought about how a rational person would think that this was crazy, and would probably resolve not to do so much next year. I kept waiting to feel that way, but mostly I just felt excited to do it all again.

I moved into the kitchen and ran into two more messes: The freezer:
And the pantry:

And that was it for that day. I was tired.


Susan said...

That is insane and impresssive. My before and after pictures never look that different. :(

Amanda Stehlik said...

You've got a lot of great storage in your house. I'm jealous.

Jenny said...

WOW. I want to come live in your house for a while. That's beautiful.

betsyann said...


I do have nice storage. When my Mom came out to the house the first time she opened the pantry and said..."You're going to really love this." I remember that about once a week.