Wednesday, January 14, 2009

African Proverb--

"He who runs away and escapes is clever"

Last weekend on the way home from school I thought: "There's nothing going on, Matthew still can't play for church because of his finger...we should run away."

So we did. This time we left Anna with Grammy Joan and Poppa Marion and headed to Wichita. Totally different from my usual escapes, this time Matthew and I were focused on being lazy in the Big City.

We ate Chipotle, watched cable, shopped a teensy bit, went to the super cool car wash, crashed The Wheatland Mission, and saw LOTS of friends. Still not everyone we would have liked to, but seeing Heath and Jenny, Kent and Jenni, and Matt and Michele was just what the doctor ordered.

On the way home I read the Wichita magazine that was in our hotel room, and was irritated with this paragraph in an article about the rebuilding efforts in Greensburg.

--Greensburg lies 110 miles west of Wichita. You get there on a two-lane strech of U.S. Highway 54 that snakes through dusty antique towns and sprawling milo fields. The shoulder is littered with road kill and tumbleweeds. The sky is endless. The clouds are epic. The sky touches everything.--

Come on!

But being irritated does nothing-so let me just encourage you to visit some of the wonderful country west of Wichita, or south or north or east. Or cool things in Wichita.

How about 2009 is the year of the local escape!


linda jean said...

Keep you fingers crossed for nice gas prices.

Melanie said...

Thanks for making me smile! Maybe the next time you're in the area...

Shauna said...

The city folk in Kansas are funny sometimes. Karin had a class with a girl at K-State who was lamenting that she was from "western Kansas" even though her hometown was somewhere south of Topeka.