Sunday, January 11, 2009

8 Wonders of Kansas Commerce

Here's the link to find out about the 8 Wonders of Kansas Commerce and vote for your favorites.

We have until February 17, 2009 to vote, so there's not much time to visit, but you can read all about them and make plans for the future.

I've been to Brant's Meat Market in Lucas, and of course I know about Brookover, but many of the others are new to me.

Yay Kansas!

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WenDee said...

Thanks for plugging 8 Wonders. Have to share a story with you that Moon Marbles (one of the finalists) sent us:

"Hi Marci we have been receiving calls and e-mails from friends and folks we have not heard from in a long time. The press release was very effective. We have seen news articles in quite a few papers around the area. We even have a reporter coming in to do a story from St Joseph Mo. Melinda our store manager went to her local breakfast spot this morning all the customers stood up and clapped as she walked into the restaurant. They had seen a nice story in the Kansas City Star. I think the help is all having fun with this as well." ~ Bruce Breslow