Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve with Dad and Abby and Susan and Steven, but on the way into town we noticed the new A&W was open! We had to stop and try it out.

Here's Matthew with the still-sealed ketchup. It was really fun to be part of their first crowd, all of the workers still trying to figure out what to do. Anna chose the corn dog bites, and I had a corn dog too. Matthew had a cheeseburger of some sort, I think. You can tell it was very tasty.

Anna had a good time with her toy, a miniature root beer mug.

On the way out we had to stop for a picture with the big bear, and we rang the bell, because "our visit was swell"

It was a fun New Year's surprise.


Jenny said...

I loved my tiny A&W mug when I was little. Do they still sell the tiny glass ones? That's what we had.

Roach Momma said...

Mmmmm...that makes me want a root beer float now!

mllr said...

but I didn't see your frosty mug of root beer!

betsyann said...

They brought mine in a cup... still learning. Matthew had a mug but we didn't get a picture before it was all gone. We'll have to go back!