Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love podcasts

One of my favorite things about the ipod Matthew gave me last year for my birthday is all of the podcasts.

I listen to the Daily Audio Bible in the mornings when I jog, and though it's ridiculously dramatic, it's a nice way to finally meet the omnipresent goal of getting through the whole book in one year. I just listen to the Bible part, and skip over his analysis at the end.

This American Life is always fun too.

Poetry Off the Shelf is great because I get to listen to all different kinds of poetry and hear the writers talk about it, what it means and where it comes from, and I feel like I'm learning something.

My newest favorite is The Spanish Podcast, because I get to learn all about culture and phrases and, best of all, really hear lots of the subjunctive tense. I think maybe I'll finally start to get that into my head. And it's from Spain, so it's a different accent than I'm used to hearing, with the vosotros and everything.

What are your favorites?

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