Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Awesome marriage advice

While blog hopping (ah, summer) I came across this amazing article; The National Marriage Project offers five tips for marital bliss. I'll excerpt the part I thought was fantastic (This is the very FIRST recommendation)

Make Your Own Homemade Goods
In 2008, national restaurant sales fell for the first time in 40 years. While unsettling for restaurateurs, this reversal reveals a promising revival of the home economy. Media reports suggest that an increasing number of Americans are growing their own vegetables and fruits, cooking their own meals at home and even sewing their own clothes.

Families who craft homemade goods may one day look back at the recession as a blessing in disguise. That’s because research shows that household production strengthens the sense of solidarity between spouses, as well as between parents and children. In short, the family that makes together stays together.
Aha! Now to convince MJL that we should make stuff instead of (or while, I'll compromise!) watching TV. :)

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In the Mix said...

I love that advice. Thanks for sharing.

(The word verification I just had is dirty and made me laugh.)