Friday, June 04, 2010

Ball Fun

We had a perfect day, not too windy, not too hot or cold, with loads of sunshine.

We bounced some balls on the parachute. Little balls, giant balls, it was great.

Then we came inside and made bouncy balls from the kits I found that inspired the whole party. We poured some little crystal/sand-y bits in different colors into molds and then soaked them in water for a little while.

They lost their bounce after about 24 hours, but it was fun while it lasted-and I was glad to sneak in a project. :)

I loved the treat bags. I found ball bags, stuffed them full of all kinds of balls, and we got some ball shaped candy from our local candy store; Ewe's, which has lovely friendly people and free samples and great prices.

We had a ball!

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Momma M said...

Being multi-sided balls, they were fun to bounce too! Phinn and Gigi let me test them.