Monday, June 14, 2010

Trash (pants) to Treasure (bag)

When we had the fantastically full and fun week of cousins, when JEO and ELO were here, there was much playing (and little supervision). {side note-I wish I had thought of this book) [side side note-I haven't read it or anything, I just like the idea]

One of the fun things was when JEO, working diligently on the small hole in the knee of his pants, came running around the corner, surprised and panicked, with pants ripped from top to toe: "I need new pants!"

I used the other leg to make him a little bag to tote things around in, like a water bottle or sticks or, you know, earthworms.

Idea here.


dbilberry said...


In the Mix said...

Looks like a fantastic book. :)

jmlo said...

JEO loves it. :) When I am home again and can figure out how--pictures will be forth coming.

Susan said...

Oh, I wish I was there for the initial inspiration moment!