Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tea cup pincushion

I found this sweet little blue cup at Goodwill and decided it was just the thing for a housewarming present for my friend Sarah.

When I got home and sorted through my fabric I discovered this perfect little birdy fabric matched! It was a tiny little piece that bothered me, because I loved it, and I wanted to use it in something that would show it off, but it was so small I thought it would be lost among other fabrics.
It makes me so happy when things work out.

(This is a very simple project. Just a styrofoam ball, some hot glue, some batting scraps, and you're done. Here's a link to the inspiration-found in this post from years ago.)


In the Mix said...

I have already used this pincushion. It is far superior to the little tomato cushion I've had for years. The cup helps keep it stable and it is super easy to grab onto. Thank you. I love it!

The Tidwells said...

What a great idea for those beautiful, but lonely cups. I'll probably be stealing this one for gifts now ;)

Nanny Smith said...

I saw this at Sarah's and it is really neat! You always make such cool things!

betsyann said...

Steal away! They're easy and quick and cute and very giftable-my favorite combo.

Roach Momma said...

Wonderful! :)