Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family Manifesto

Matthew says this is the silliest thing we've ever done.  I think that's amazing.  We do lots of silly things.

It's hanging in the kitchen, making me laugh, and hopefully inspiring us a little.  But mostly making us laugh.  Inspiration here.


In the Mix said...


Susan said...

Love it! The world always needs more manifestos. And less blank space. :)

aileen said...

This is Aileen (from creatingclever) I love what you did, do you have a better quality jpg you can send me and I'll add it to the manifesto gallery.

Melanie said...

cracking up at 'clean the top of the oven vent' --there's always some little job hanging over our heads, right? It looks huge on your wall, what size is that? :)

betsyann said...

Aileen- I do have a better copy-I'll get it to you this evening. And thanks!

Melanie-the oven vent is over my sight line-so is severely neglected. This was actually an MJL addition, so you know it's bad-if HE noticed.

17x21, I think. It was less than a quarter at the printer, and I found a poster frame in that size for $3. I was super happy about all of that.

jmlo said...


Stephen Palmer said...


That is totally awesome! Love how it's totally unique to your family.

And the creative, humorous flair is delicious. (Don't get distr -- Hey, look, a bumblebee!)

My wife and I had a fun time writing this family manifesto.

Thanks for sharing!