Thursday, February 16, 2012

I know a spot that I love full well...

(From Aunt Carla this morning)

February 16, 1863, the Kansas Legislature accepted the
transfer of Bluemont College to the State of Kansas.  The money for what eventually became Kansas State University came from the sale of 90,000 acres of Kansas land at $1.25 
per acre made possible by the Morrill Act signed on July 2, 
1862 by President Lincoln.  Happy Birthday all you K-Stater's.  
(By the way the school's designated color is purple, interesting since that's February's birthstone color.)

Something new to put on the calendar!  Lots of things to celebrate in February.  


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Here's more info about Founder's Day, along with the rest of the articles in the Keepsakes series -

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