Thursday, September 06, 2012


My friend Lindsay is biking across the USA and she stopped at my house!  Here's her blog-it's awfully fun to follow along. 

 She came and spoke to the kids at my school-here's a super cropped picture-I had to crop out all of the other kids.  It was a great presentation-she highlighted the importance of wearing a helmet and I was so happy to already do something "Librarian-y" like schedule a speaker!  Thanks, Lins!

And because visiting my house is all about work-she came along with me on errands, helped me take Katie and Jimmy to the Dr., and we fixed my couch!
 Well, OK.  Eric came by to borrow some foil for the farm and he got roped in too.   If you've visited us in the past two years, I know you are thankful.

We took her to see the World's Largest Hairball, and to get the world's best sno cone (grape!), and generally had a blast.  

Anna showed her how she could ride with no training wheels.

It was a wonderfully fun visit.  I hope she can come back again someday.

Then I had to drop her off and watch her pedal away.  So hard!  Good Luck and be safe Lindsay!

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