Monday, September 03, 2012

Tumbleweed 21

 This year The Tumbleweed Festival added another night of music!  On Friday night 9 local bands played.  I loved this!

Margaret and Mary came to meet baby Jimmy.  In the rain.  


 Because it never rains here, we just kept sitting in the rain, thinking it would quit any minute.  Here's Katie running around getting wet and listening to Russ and Debbie Tidwell-our debate coach and his wife and in charge of the festival this year.  It was fun to listen to them play.

Everyone's favorite cousin came along.  For most of the entire weekend he had at least one child on his back.  He is a treasure.

 Then Matthew and Joe and Zac played.  They'd never played together.  Not even a practice, since we had that baby and all.  Sounded great.  They played an Avett Brothers song, and Anna gasped- "I love this song!"

Katie thought that everyone at the festival was family-and she was close to right.  We had close to 40 people there who we count as family.  Here's Kiki feeding her a bierock.  I think everyone you can see in the background belongs to us in some way.

Even Anna got some Jimmy time in.

Uncle Steven got some snuggles.

And Uncle Mark proved he can bond with nephews even before they're old enough to be bribed with treats.

It was a perfect weekend.  You should come next year!  Could we shoot for 50 people in my section?

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Melanie said...

If we came, that would boost your total by 7! I don't know if the football coach could get away, though. :) Isn't it funny and sad that rain seems so strange?