Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last day of Haiku Month.

Hurry up and post the rest you've missed!  It's the last day of Haiku month!

Looky look we have
new books in the Library!
Please take only one.


I have read many
biographies and now
I know some great folks.



Big blizzard fakeout
Students, teachers are watching
Waiting on the snow


Daisy-Head Mayzie
grew a flower on her head
and they still loved her.
(written with students based on the book Daisy-Head Mayzie by Dr. Seuss)


A change for the world
Goodbye to Pope Benedict
We'll watch for white smoke.

Today is Thursday
February twenty eighth
Two thousand thirteen.

2/28/13  (This is one of my favorites)


Susan said...

Congrats on completing haiku month! Thanks for sharing with us.

dbilberry said...

If you can,or have not already, you should read a children's book called Don't be Silly Mrs. Millie. I can't remember exactly. It's about a teacher who does a play on words with her kindergarten class. It is a riot and my kids LOVE it. The pictures are great too!