Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Titled Haiku

On taking your Mom's clothes to Goodwill

The thing about it
is that you never really
believe that she's gone.



Melanie said...

Those haikus don't have many words, but sure do say a lot. {hugs}

betsyann said...

I had this whole conversation in my head -"Why is my heart pounding? Oh, yeah, the clothes. Well, I suppose when she comes back, she won't mind shopping for all new things...oh"

and when you have a conversation like that-what is there to do but stop, sigh, and write a poem about it?

It's nice to at least have someone to tell it to.

Trinket said...

I've had this saved in my reader to come back to since you posted it. It is a beautiful poem. You are gifted at saying much with little. Love you.