Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January = Catch up month

One of the best things I did this year for my own happiness was to decide that December didn't "count" as a month to do things in.  All "normal" chores and activities and responsibilities are out the window.  December is just for Advent, getting ready for Christmas.  House, heart, family, everything.

Then in January, as I saw the giant piles of EVERYTHING, there were a few moments of panic.

And then I decided that January didn't "count" either!  It's just a catch up month.  All of the digging out from Christmas, all of the beginning of the year work-the filing, the photo ordering, the thank you writing, all of it happens in January.

It has been such a help to me!  Instead of worrying about getting it all done in the first week, it gave me a whole month to do all of that stuff.  And instead of feeling behind, I feel right on track.  I know it's all arbitrary and ridiculous anyway, but if I can get my inner boss to give me a little slack we all fare better.

Here are a few fun things I've had saved in my reader. is a new blog I'm really loving.  Not that I've had time to make anything at all, but I like it nonetheless.  Projects, sales, ideas on how to refashion things, it's all about sewing on the cheap.

Pleats and Ruffles is another blog I just started following.  It's "real" sewing, not the kind I do where I'm just making it up as I go.  I'm hoping to learn something and be inspired to try a bit harder.

I loved this post on "Protecting your Creativity" from an art teacher blog that I follow (did you know I'm also certified as an art teacher?  I thought I ought to be reading a little in case I ever end up there!)

Anna loves having a "craft box" full of junk that she can make things out of.  Sometimes I get cranky about it, which is crazy (and probably reasonable) because I'm always battling myself on the same issue- "But I could make something out of it!"  I laughed to see this post about having a box of junk- much more exciting to call it an Inventor's Box.  I liked the idea cards that you can download from the post.

Since Katie happily entertained herself in my office yesterday while I was at a meeting after school by cutting two measuring tapes to bits, I think she would love this Valentines Day project I had saved.  :)  I had to quickly change my face from appalled to pleased when her unsure little face looked up and said "I made you a blankie."

And a question.  We're out of TV to watch on our Amazon Prime.  We tried "Mr. Selfridge" but I don't like to watch shows where the people are being rotten (which eliminates almost everything on TV, I know).  I like happy shows best, but detective shows are also good, as long as they're not too creepy or gory or violent or yucky. Poirot, Monk, Suits, Parks and Rec, Chuck, these are all things we've liked.  Honestly, it's amazing we've found anything to watch ever.  I just don't like watching TV very much, but MJL really does.   I try to watch something with him at night, but it's so hard to find something I can stand.  Any suggestions?  

Happy Kansas Day!


In the Mix said...

I like Lewis. It's a British mystery series set in Oxford. It's a continuation of a character from the Inspector Morse series but I haven't seen any of that series. It's a little graphic occasionally but I really like the characters and their relationships.

Susan said...

Have you tried Parenthood yet? There are conflicts but they end happily (at least so far). Sherlock is fun too but a little graphic at times.

Roach Momma said...

I love the idea of a catch-up month! Brilliant!

We really liked the BBC Sherlock and Endeavor series (can't remember if I mentioned that before...). Unfortunately there are only 3 or 4 episodes per season.

I too saw the "Inventor's Box" post and before even mentioning it to my kids they were pulling things from our over-piled recycle spot (before it gets taken to the bin outside) and have made some very creative "things." ;)

betsyann said...

We do watch and love Sherlock. We even watched in real time the past two weeks (shocking!)

We tried Lewis-watched two episodes but the incredibly creepy twists at the end are just too much. Horrible, make me shudder, still can't think about it.

Endeavor we'll have to look up and maybe Sus we'll finally try Parenthood.