Monday, February 03, 2014

February Giveaway!

I really loved "catch up month" (I need a synonym for "catch up" that starts with a J...) but I'm equally excited to get back to business in February!  This month gets such a bad rap, but it's a lovely month.  Valentines Day means there's lots of pink everywhere, and Groundhog Day, and Candelmas was on Sunday, and Katie's Birthday is this week!

It's a nice, slow, cold and snuggly time of year.  Would you like to curl up with a magazine?

I really loved the January issue of Real Simple.  You know how most of the time, there are one or two articles that are good and the rest are meh?  I loved EVERYTHING in this issue (except the article about Feng Shui, which I just cannot get into.  And I cannot believe it's still a thing!  I remember reading about it in a magazine like 15 years ago and rolling my eyes at the latest fad.  But still-there it is.  Can anyone change my perspective on it?)

Anyhoo-I loved this issue so much it seems wrong to throw it away.  Comment with one thing you're looking forward to about February (and not a secretly negative thing like "it's one month closer to Spring") and I'll let the birthday girl pick a name and we'll send it to you.  :)

Happy February!


In the Mix said...

I'm looking forward to the lab opening!

Melanie said...

I always look forward to the Valentine's stuff we do as a family. :)

Kelsey Gray said...

A valentine's party! A birthday party for Iris. Making Valentine's out of paper and doilies. sorry, I couldn't pick one.

Susan said...

I'm looking forward to the K-State/KU game in Manhattan, the return of The Americans and the Winter Olympics!

betsyann said...

Kelsey wins! I'll send it out sometime this week. :)