Friday, February 21, 2014

Heart"felt" gifts (hee hee hee)

Years ago, probably, MJL asked me to make him some felt cases for all of the bajillion little percussion instruments that he has.  

He got them for Valentines Day!  I think I made 10 or so.  

Some were from bits of old felted sweaters and some were from some blue felt that I had leftover from something else.

I was worried about how to make them all perfect and lovely and finally I decided to just do it already.  Folding them all asymmetrically gave them a look that I liked and was a unifying feature.  

Pinking shears, buttons from the button jar, and green thread just for fun completed the project.  Anna helped sew on buttons, Katie helped make messes, and Jimmy helped by being a good napper.

Oh, what a lucky Mama am I!  

Doesn't it feel wonderful to get something done that's been kicking around in your head for ages?

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