Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holy Week

It's Holy Week!

I'm excited because this year we're going to all of the Holy Week services, starting with Holy Thursday tomorrow night, and then Good Friday, and Easter Vigil on Saturday night.  Easter Vigil is my favorite thing ever.  It's so Easter-y!

We finally made it to Stations of the Cross last Friday night.  I'm always glad when we do, it's a lovely meditation--here's a nice virtual one, about 30 minutes long all together.

Do you follow @hiphopaugustine?  He makes me laugh so much.

Holy Week comin soon 
I be like BOOYAH 
joinin the angelic choir 

This story about a sweet baby in the NICU and answered prayer made me happy cry.  And MJL got me her book, which means I got the free download of the ebook and I LOVED IT!  He rolls his eyes a lot at me now because I keep making the family talk through the "action steps" in the book-but I love thinking through things and building systems!  And I love having goals!  And I love being intentional instead of just floating through!  It's really a perfect book for me.  

And did you catch these pictures of my adorable babies?  Thanks Sarah!

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Susan said...

@hiphopaugustine is the best! Thanks for the recommendation. How did you read the ebook? I haven't played around enough with it to figure out which device I should/can put it on for reading.