Monday, April 28, 2014

Ingleside 4/26/14

So much going on around here!

I think I've finally decided to quit being so crazy and let these two watch a show while I make dinner.  I remembered the other day that Abby watched TV all the time while Mom was in the kitchen, and look how she turned out.  

My favorite way to clean up the kitchen is to ask MJL to make some cookies.  I don't mind cleaning up if I have company, and he doesn't mind making us treats.  This week it was Grandma Anna's cornflake cookies.  

This girl has been unbelievably helpful lately.  Almost 9.  

Looks like we forgot to water the basil.  We'll try again in the summer!

This little girl changed her mind about going potty.  "I'm not big, Mama."

She also broke the doorknob and can get out of the house on her own.  She goes to visit the goats or find Daddy and agrees that she NEEDS to tell someone before she leaves the house, but doesn't actually do it.  

Anna's banner!  

We got these flowers from church on Easter Vigil.  Does anyone know what they are?  They don't have a little tag or label or anything.  They're really pretty.  

I like blogging-but rarely find time to get down here to my computer these days.  Happy Easter!


In the Mix said...

I like it when you blog. And I think that plant is a cyclamen. Maybe?

Nanny Smith said...

I agree, I think it is a cyclamen.