Monday, January 04, 2016

2016: Dinner!

I'm really trying to have only one resolution for 2016-and that is Dinner!  I have finally worked myself out of all of my excuses and gotten around to the fact that not wanting to make dinner is, essentially, selfishness.  So.  Here is my plan.

1.  Make a list of the meals that people actually like to eat.  Cook from that list first.  Maybe one new recipe every couple of weeks or so, but mostly all of the time food from the list, until it is not so daunting.  Familiarity breeds ease.  Practice makes perfect.  Etc.

2.  Make a calendar and plan out the meals, putting them in my phone where I'll see them when I see all of the other agenda items.  So that every day I am reminded that I will have to make dinner.

3.  Make the start time for cooking dinner 3:30 pm, as soon as we get home from school.  Eating early will be better for all of us.  The goal will be to be done eating and be cleaning up by 6:00.

4.  Further goals include teaching everyone to help clean up, having children pick up all toys from upstairs before dinner, lay out clothes for next day, etc,  so after dinner can be nice time of stories and prayers instead of grouchy time of hurry up and get ready for bed.

But step one:  Dinner!  

What are your resolutions?

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