Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bossy Betsy: Kansas Library Audiobooks

Bossy Betsy says:  You should be listening to audiobooks!  And you can do it for free!!

The State Library of Kansas -- kslib.info  has tons of wonderful books for you to check out and listen to.  They have an app that is easy to use, you can download the books to your phone or device when you have wifi, and then listen in the car without using any data.

Listening to books in the car is amazing.  The kiddos don't fuss, everyone loves it, and it redeems all that time in the van.

You need to have a Kansas State Library card-but I'm a librarian!  I can get you one!  Just email me and I'll help you get all set up.

They have kids books, grown up books, fiction, non-fiction, everything.  MJL likes to listen to long history books on the tractor, and we like to listen to juvenile fiction in the van.  It is honestly one of my very favorite things in the whole world.  

In the Summer, when we don't see Daddy so much, sometimes we'll all listen to the same book at the same time-and then when we do see him we can talk about it.  It's fun to have a project together even when he's busy working.

Here are a few of my recommendations to get started:

  • The Ramona Series--read by Stockard Channing and just wonderful.  We've listened to them all more than once because they're just so fun.  For parents just as much (maybe more) than for the kids. 
  • Everything by Patricia Reilly Giff--Historical Fiction is one of my favorite juvenile genres, and I have loved living in these histories and discussing them with Anna.
  • Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms--one of my absolute favorites, but the caveat is that I don't want you to read ANYTHING about it.  Don't look at the synopsis or read about the author or anything.  That way every moment is a surprise and a delight.  
  • Clementine--Sara Pennypacker  Three of the books are available and they're wonderful.  Funny and sweet and clever.
  • E.B. White-Even if you've read them dozens of times, all of these are fun to listen to again. 
  • Blue Balliett writes interesting mysteries that combine elements of math and art.  They have some suspense, but not too much.  
So send me a message if you want me to help you get set up.  Or visit your public library and tell them you want a library card for the State Library of Kansas.  Once you have a number, you sign up for the OneClick digital app and you're off!  

Do it. 

Bossy Betsy out.  


Melanie said...

Ooh, I want a state library card! We have loved Ramona on audio, also the Henry Huggins books. Great ideas in this post!

betsyann said...

Hooray Melanie! I'll set you up tomorrow morning! And you too, Sarah!