Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Energy Update

Remember last month when I was thinking about Energy and making grand plans?

Here's an update:  

I made myself some notes so that I wouldn't forget.  

1.  I am tired.  I just have to admit that I am ACTUALLY tired sometimes. And that is OK. So now what do I do with that?

2. Read more books. That way I still feel like I'm getting something done, and there are lots and lots and lots of books that I would like to read. I'm just reading fun things, the sort of productivity stuff that I find fascinating and helpful and like to think about. Here are a few I've enjoyed lately:

The Happiness Project: Gretchen Rubin

Happier at Home: Gretchen Rubin

The Secrets of Happy Families: Bruce Feiler

3. More acceptance:  Different stage of life equals just less time in general.  

4. BUT--the sewing mindset really does help. I was thinking for awhile that the only time I was going to actually sew was on a Snow Day. But then we had some good weekends, and MJL played Kings Quest with the kiddos, and I've gotten quite a bit more sewing done. I have to have a project ready in mind, have the office tidy, and know what step comes next. When I only have 15 minutes to sew, I can only sew if I know exactly what I'm doing next. I don't have the mental space to think and plan when the kids are awake.

5.  Taking a project for the car is good.  I can get a little dribble of some kind of hand work done and that feels good, like time redeemed. Better than looking at my phone for 5 minutes.

6. Don’t sit down by the fire if you can avoid it.  

7.  Some days you are too tired to avoid it.  

8.  Just go to bed early.

9. Go outside! It helps that we've had warm weather the past couple of weeks, it really does boost my energy and spirits. Even shuttling the kids out to the van and back is remarkably nicer when the weather is warm. (But I still want some snow! Or something. It's been really dry this winter).

10. The cycle is interesting. Equal parts "accept that you are tired" and "there are some things you can do about it".

Any other energy boosters you can share?

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In the Mix said...

Drinking lots of water helps me. I also feel better when I'm getting regular exercise but I often forget this is so beneficial.