Thursday, March 03, 2016

Podcast Recommendations for Kids

We love listening to things in the car.  Sometimes it's a book, sometimes podcasts, sometimes (but more rarely) music.

Here are our kid podcast favorites at the moment.

Brains On! is a Science podcast for kids.  They answer questions sent in by kids, each show is co-hosted by different kids, they incorporate a "mystery sound" sent in by listeners (kids).  We love it.

Story Time is short 10-15 minute bedtime stories, read by someone British.  We have tried lots and lots of different story podcasts, and discovered that I dislike most of them. Either the stories are poorly written, or I don't like the subtext, or they're not well delivered.   I'm really picky about it, but I like this one!

On Wednesdays, my two favorite podcasts come out, and the kids know we're listening to those first.  The rest of the time they get to pick.  (Unless Katie is having a particularly bad day, and then we all agree that the best thing to do is to let her listen to "quiet classical music" which is what she demands requests on particularly bad days).    My two favorites are not really kid podcasts, but are fine to listen to with kids in the car.

Happier  You can tell I'm a Gretchen Rubin fan.  I love this podcast with real life happiness tips.  Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth are from Kansas City, but live in New York and LA now, and I think it's interesting to hear about their lives, in such different places, and I love practical happiness tips.

Three Dogs North  I've probably mentioned this one before because I love it so.  Two seminarians and a priest, talking about faith and life and all sorts of things.  The last episode of February discussed St. Ambrose, and how his kindness to St. Augustine was important to his conversion, and how St. Augustine is a huge figure in Christian History.  And how it ALL MATTERS.  EVERYTHING MATTERS.  I love that.  We are not all Augustine, but that's not the point-Ambrose's kindness is just as important as Augustine's writing.  It's not up to me to figure out how it's all going to work, it's just up to me to do my best and to do what I can, where I am, with what I have.
{We listen to all of these using the podcast app on my iphone.  It's the little purple icon.  Find your podcast, subscribe to it, and it'll pop up with a notification when you have a new episode.  Click on "feed" to listen to old episodes.}

What podcasts do you love?  I'll try them out!  And let me know if you try one of these!


In the Mix said...

Do you find that the little ones are able to enjoy the podcasts too? We've listened to some different podcasts and it seems like the little girls lose interest and get distracting.

betsyann said...

They really do! Jimmy especially loves Brains On, and Katie listens to everything. I think they don't love my two, but it's just once a week, and not too long. We also listen to the daily Bible readings every day on the way to school.