Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring 2016

Time for a new list!  Thanks to a perfectly wonderful Spring Break, I got a lot of these things done.  

Winter 2016--
  • Banquette seating/Benches
  • Bathroom in Basement
  • Cut out Lauren's Quilt
  • Katie Birthday
  • Try to make Toffee
  • Peppermint Bark
  • Put away Christmas
  • Figure out Spring Break
  • Teddy Baby Book
  • Hall Photos
  • 8x10 Album
  • Christmas Card Display
  • Prune and Fertilize trees
  • Thank you notes  From Christmas but we're still working on Katie's birthday...
  • Portraits
  • New Schedule
  • Take Recycling
  • Go through house again,  A few things, but not too many.  
  • Go for walks as a family.
Now for Spring!  2016

  1. Plant flower bed
  2. Plant flowers in pots on the porch.
  3. Plant vegetable garden.  
  4. Help Anna finish 6 projects early:  
    1. Photography, 
    2. Cross Stitch, 
    3. Quilting, This is going to have to be a two year project
    4. Crochet,  She decided to skip this one
    5. Visual Arts, and 
    6. Clothing Construction.  
  5. Sew something with Joela for Clothing Construction.
  6. Green Box
  7. Reconfigure Sewing Room to fit new machine.
  8. Bind Lauren's Quilt
  9. Switch the kids' clothes and eliminate some. 
  10. Finish Jules' blankie.
Hooray for lists.  I look forward to this every time the season changes.  :)

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