Monday, January 31, 2011

Anna's Quilt and Pillow

The unexpected gift of a Snow Day last week meant I had time to sew Anna a quilt for her bed. I've been wanting to make a nine-patch quilt forever, so I decided to use up of scraps and make a pastel scrap quilt with lots of sentimental fabrics.

This has fabric from three dresses I've made, from the leftovers from the quilt Grammy Rita made her, from quilts I made for Aunties Linda and Shannon, and some fabric we used to line the wheat baskets at our wedding.

I backed it with a pretty sheet I had from Goodwill and used some extra squares to make a quilted pillow sham. I purchased NOTHING new in the making of this quilt. That was fun.


In the Mix said...

That is so lovely. I can't believe you whipped that out in a day whilst fully pregnant! Good job momma.

Melanie said...

Absolutely sweet and beautiful! The perfect way to top off a new room. :)

betsyann said...

Not quite in one day. I cut the squares earlier-sewed together all of the blocks on the snow day, and then took another couple of evenings to finish up.

Thanks for the sweet words!