Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tummy's Room

I think Tummy's room is ready for a tour.

The blanket on the changing table is made from old polyester pants. A neighbor of my Grandma Madge's made it for me when I was a baby. It's always been the changing table blanket. The cute puppy is a new addition. Goodwill, of course.

This picture is from my friend Megan. Isn't he sweet?

Our rocking corner, complete with Dr. Turtle's Babies. Looks like I'd better be careful with my copy!The wall hanging I made in my first quilting class. Mom and I took it together just before Anna was born.

New Goodwill curtains. I love them, and I was especially excited to find them after paying $30 for black-out curtains for Anna's room this fall. $3 is much more my speed.

A few toys, the elephant hamper, and a good picture of the wonderful wall paper. (That's Goodwill too)

Cute hats that my sisters and I all wore.

A few new toys from the Fisher Price Reproduction toys. I'm addicted to those. Matthew loved that clock when he was little.

Found this picture at Goodwill a couple of years ago. I was really excited to find it in with the baby things.

There's Tummy's room! All ready for baby.


Anonymous said...

Simply adorable! I can't wait to hear about tummy's arrival!

Momma M said...

Definitely welcoming!

In the Mix said...

Yay for Tummy! So ready to meet the child. :)