Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Shrinky Dink Rings

This year for Christmas Anna made Shrinky Dink rings for a few of the sweet Aunties in her life.

First she drew a flower on a sheet of paper.

Then we traced it onto Shrinky Dink plastic, colored it with colored pencils, and cut it out.

Then we shrank it. I also cut out longish strips of plastic which she colored green, but I didn't take pictures of that part.

The green strips I took out of the oven and wrapped around a tube of chapstick while still hot to shape into ring shapes. Then I used super glue to put them together.

Anna loved making and giving them, and I think the Aunties were pleased too.

We used information from thriftyfun on shrinky dinks and a tutorial from PlanetJune about how to size and shape the rings.

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