Thursday, June 09, 2011


With MJL once again mostly relegated to lying on his back; we've been watching more TV together.
I'd like to watch some of the great movies from when we were kids, but none of the ones I remember (The Swiss Family Robinson, The Parent Trap, The Chipmunk Movie) are available on Netflix instant. Alas, no Esther Williams movies either.

Lately we've been watching mostly The Cosby Show and Phineas and Ferb.

Have any recommendations for us?


In the Mix said...

Oh no...what happened?
Daniel put Jim Henson's Storyteller series on Netflix for out kids. Some of them are a little scary, but if you remember they are folktales played out by people and Jim Henson puppets, it's pretty cool. The kids enjoyed them in the "I'm scared and I like it" sort of way. I think there is Jim Henson's Greek myths also.

betsyann said...

Either he re-herniated the disc, or the Dr. missed a piece in surgery, or there was one other option, I can't remember. Bottom line-pain, probable repeat surgery. Waiting on a call from Dr.

The Tidwells said...

Hope he recovers soon, I have minor disc problems and the pain was so awful I can't imagine having them any worse. Not sure I have TV recommendations for you, but I give Phineas and Ferb a thumbs up :) I have the Emily of New Moon TV series on netflix and have been enjoying that.

jmlo said...

You can stream most of the Muppet movies. If you want a pretty setting the BBC series--Monarch of the Glen. If you like BBC adaptations from classic literature--North and South and Wives and Daughters.

Melanie said...

So sorry about his back!!

We watched Hans Brinker yesterday--definitely an old movie with questionable acting, but a fun look at Holland and a good story. :)

American Girl movies, we've seen Kirsten and Felicity. My kids were scared of some parts.

We watched Swiss Family Robinson last fall--it was fun to watch again!