Monday, June 06, 2011

Summer Plan

I'm starting to get settled into the summer, trying hard to do only the things I need to do, to decide which chores I can skip and which things keep me sane. The beginning of the summer always feels a little overwhelming to me-as though it'll be quickly wasted if I don't plan ahead. Having a schedule helps me feel better. I'm going to try to do a better job of going to bed and feeding everyone. Here's the plan for Summer 2011.

6:00 am Feed Katie, Get UP! Work out, eat breakfast, say prayers, get dressed.

8:00 am Work in office-organizing or doing projects or working on class.

10:00 am Feed Katie, Do chores, outside with girls.

12:00 pm Feed family.

2:00 pm. Feed Katie, go to town.

3:00 pm. Pool! Sno cones

6:00 pm Feed Katie, T-ball or head home.

7:00 pm. Feed family, play with girls.

9:00 pm Anna bed.

10:00 pm Feed Katie, Go To BED.


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sounds wonderful

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Looks great!