Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(official) Summer is here!

So how did I do on the Spring list?

1. Organize Craft Room (I never know what to call it-office? studio? sanctuary?)**ALMOST!!**
2. Make Katie Christening Gown.
3. Make Anna Birthday Dress.
4. Start Swimming again.
5. Finish organizing MJL's office.
6. Plant a garden. **gave these both up-on purpose**
7. One small landscaping project.
8. Keep up with photos.
9. Do something Kansas Explorer-y with the girls.
10. Enjoy the three weddings, showers, prom, wedding shopping, two graduations, three birthdays and Easter. Remember that these times are special, and hectic just means there are lots of people to love.

Not too bad.

The Summer List is funny-half summer and half the beginning of the school year. I'd better aim WAY low.

1. Finish organizing craft room!
2. Make Spencer's blanket.
3. Make Finney and Trisha's blanket.
4. Make something pretty with Abby for Lainey.
5. Make Anna Back to School Dress.
6. Anna Hall Photos
7. Anna 8X10's for year.
8. Finish Summer Class.
9. Plymell Spanish Facebook Page
10. Try to choose fun over "work"

Happy Official Summertime!


The Gray Roach said...

You did great. Very impressive. I also have on my list to choose some fun over work. Easier said than done. I did take the kids swimming yesterday, on the first day of summer. It was FREEZING! Colder than it has been, and so windy. It was miserable.

Jeanette said...

You forgot snuggle baby on your list. :)