Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Very Important Items

For Christmas my Dad gave me a super cool little bag to keep my emergency things in.

Stanley Barbara's Way Organize it Bag Tool Bag with detachable Roller Organizer & Personal pouch
I took my currrent kit out of the very uncool plain tote bag and transferred the contents into my new cute bag.

Kit includes:   1 umbrella
                      1 flashlight
                      1 floatie.

If this drought breaks and I need to get to a hotel pool that is too deep for Katie in the dark, I'm all set!

What else would you add?


In the Mix said...

Ha! That should be one interesting emergency. ;)
I would add some toilet paper and maybe some matches.

Trinket said...

For you and your family, I would add various sizes of diapers, wipes, various sizes of bandaids, some granola bars or something similar, hankies, a couple bottles of water, and jumper cables. And crayons and some sort of spinny light toy with extra batteries and a binky. And a blanket. :)

Melanie said...

A couple good books or crosswords!