Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vitally important opinion poll.

Can I get my hair cut like this?

Or will it just drive me crazy because, you know, hair would touch my face?

I discussed it with my hair friend (stylist sounds funny to me) and she suggested we go for it in summer, because I'll be in the pool all summer anyway, and if I hate it it won't matter too much.

I can't decide if the hair is cute, or if it's just that Ginnifer Goodwin is cute.


Trinket said...

YES! Summer time is a good idea.

Susan said...

I've loved her hair forever, but I can never quite get it to work with mine. Too much curl maybe? Not sure. You should definitely try it. It would be awesome summer hair.

In the Mix said...

Do it! It's super cute and if it doesn't work it will always grow back.

dbilberry said...

That's funny, I was contemplating that same cut several months ago and I wondered the same thing, is it the hair or the lady that is so cute. I think you can totally pull it off. Maybe someday I will join you and we can be hair twins;)

MandP said...

DO IT!! I can't wait!