Thursday, May 02, 2013

A break!

I finished my class!  (Repeat 30 times while dancing around)

Now I have an entire blissful month of not being in school until I start again on June 3.

I hope to have lots of fun and make lots of things and plant lots of things and relax and get enough sleep and spend a lot less time squinting at a computer screen.

I've actually had a really nice couple of weeks because I made a small change that's making a big difference. I know you want to know about it, right?

Usually when I get home from school (after changing clothes, of course) I get everyone fed and down for naps and then I clean up.  Toys and breakfast and lunch and dishes and tidy and chores, etc.  Then, if there's any time after all of that and before it's time to pick up Anna, I work on something that I want to do.  

When I told the family that we were expecting Jimmy I got a sweet note in the mail from my sister-in-law Jenny.  She said " might have to set aside perfection and just ENJOY LIFE."  I keep the note hanging by my desk and I decided to try it out.

I had noticed, in our evening thankfulness, that the first thing that I think of, on any day when it works out, is to be thankful for a moment or two to make something.  I always underestimate how much I love making things.

So now, I DON'T clean up.  I get everyone fed and down for naps and then I leave it all where it's laying and I come down to my office and sew and play.  I've finished a quilt top, put binding on two quilts, tied another (halfway through the binding on that one), and my room is clean and inspiring and I'm just so happy. We clean up together when Anna gets home from school.  (She's not crazy about the new plan)  ;)  We work together as a family and usually get it all cleaned up and get some dinner made while Jimmy crawls around chewing on things and Katie either "helps" or plays in her pod.  I love that pod.  

It's still hard to leave things undone, but I think it's a better choice.  Thanks, wise Jenny!

Oh!  I just remembered again that I finished my class.  *Grin* and squeal and sigh and go to bed.  :)


Melanie said...

Sounds like a great plan! And awesome job finishing your class!

Katrina said...

I told you this the other day, but I think this is awesome and I am proud of you for making this change. :)